VoIP for Business

Use VoIP to improve your businesses efficiency while improving call quality.

VoIP for Home

With VoIP you can have your extension ring your phone at home.

Online Faxing

Using specialized technology, our VoIP networks allow us to send and receive faxes through the internet.

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.

VoIP, when compared to a normal telephone line is more efficient and higher quality in a few key ways.


  • It runs off the internet and doesn’t require any extra lines to be setup in order to function.
  • Call Quality can be much higher without using excess resources
  • Because VoIP uses the internet to function it takes less resources to make your call, saving businesses hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year on their phone bill.

Due to our specialized  phone networks we are just as reliable as a traditional phone line. If the internet goes down we simply switch over to our mobile data backup.

Prices change based on what exactly your business needs. Using VoIP will often save hundreds of dollars a year when compared to traditional phone lines.


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